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Comascape E​.​P.

by Comascape

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revelations 02:58
Revelations comes to pass Shattering the hourglass Nothing matters, time stands still As the demons get there fill Howls of pain everywhere Rotting scents fill the air Breaking bones, burning skin Mankind wallows in its sin Searing darkness burns my eyes Sun shut out by the flies Organs exposed, blood and puss God's turned his back on all of us Judgement rises from the depths of hell Eternity a torture cell Abused by Satan like a tool Now he tears apart your soul
undying love 02:10
Taste your meat, isn't it sweet. Bright and Red, wishing you were dead. You would never think, your blood you'd ever drink. The tears better cease, or I'll cut another piece.
orbs 02:02
end 02:44
Soft Darkness Cuts the light A blurred figure takes your life Lying alone full of dread The blood soaking the back of your head The Air - sulfuric with searing flames upon his arrival to stake his claim You cannot see but you know he's there The sole embodiment of hatred and despair they come from the sky on you they land Ready and waiting for his command They smell of rott of filth and decay because of your sins they will make you pay


released March 10, 2007




Comascape Centerville

Gothic/Industrial/Experimental music from Dayton, Ohio.

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